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Оригинал взят у putnik1 в БАГРОВЫЙ ХАМСИН

Оригинал взят у kilativ
в 16 американских силовых ведомств начали подготовку к Третьей Мировой

Should the rise of conflicts across the Middle East and Ukraine serve as a warning sign that something much more dangerous is approaching? According to Jim Rickards, the CIA’s Asymmetric Warfare Advisor, the answer is yes. In a startling interview he reveals that all 16 U.S. Intelligence Agencies have begun to prepare for World War III.

Making matters worse, his colleagues believe it could begin within the next 6 months. However, the ground zero location for this global conflict is what makes his interview a must-see for every American. Take a few moments to watch it below and decide for yourself

Гоните через гугль. Это важно. А если  допустить, что и м-р Рикардс хотя бы на 10% прав, поневоле верится. Но даже если он не прав, текст напрягает. В комплекте с видео тем паче. Впрочем, от нас все равно ничего не зависит...

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