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Политкорректность и четвертая мировая война

Оригинал взят у abrod в Политкорректность и четвертая мировая война

Culture Wars

The first press conference of Donald Trump as President-elect held on January 11 has shown unequivocally that resistance to his attempts to make America great again will be fierce and long-standing. What’s even worse, it will take the form of a culture war – the ugliest of civil wars. Meryl Streep didn’t know what she was doing when she attacked Donald Trump for his God-given artistic abilities manifested by his body-language and his uncontrollable instinct to "show" a man what he is thinking about. But this can be attributed to the primitive jealousy of an actress who suddenly sees remarkable artistic talent in the least expected person.

But the outcry of the Anti-Defamation League that President-elect Donald Trump trivialized the Holocaust by comparing the present-day intelligence agencies in the U.S. to “Nazi Germany” opened a Pandora‘s Box that cannot be closed by attributing it to human error. First thing that comes to mind after reading this outcry is that ADL didn’t consider the Putin-Hitler analogy expressed and politically weaponized by Secretary Clinton to be “trivializing the Holocaust”. On the contrary, Abraham H. Foxman National Director of the Anti-Defamation League stood behind these accusations without thinking twice that his actions insult the nation that contributed most to the defeat of Nazi Germany and stopping the Holocaust. By invoking "trivializing" argument against Trump to protect the intelligence agencies, he inevitably stirred up cultural differences or even hard feelings between American and Russian Jews in US, who grew up watching the most significant masterpiece of Russian television — “The Seventeen Moments of Spring”.

This film featured Operation Sunrise - the secret negotiations between CIA creator Allen Dulles and the commander of Waffen-SS, General Wolf, that took place in Switzerland March 8-22, 1945. General Wolf, represented in Bern Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler and these negotiations took place without FDR’s knowledge. When the truth was revealed to FDR by Joseph Stalin's letter March 22 he didn't believed it, but March 29 he received rock solid proof that Allen Dulles was plotting a separate peace with Himmler and even Hitler behind his back and suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage, which led to his death several days later. This alone makes the comments of President-elect Trump something to be treated with appropriate respect, while the attempt of the Anti-Defamation League to protect the CIA from the President of the Unites States actually does trivialize the Holocaust

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